Essay on the difference between low fat and low carbohydrate diets, their effectiveness, and impact on the human body

Going on diet, people clearly realize which substances they have to cut. Refusing from sweets and the fatty food looks essential for fats and carbohydrates are the greatest contributors of the deposits in our body. However, not all of us know about which of the numerous diets is the most effective.

Low-fat and low-carb diets are the most popular ones among a broad range of dietary patterns in the US. Both of them seem equally effective, but recent studies conducted by the National Institute of Health show that cutting carbohydrates is actually more effective for losing weight.

A low-fat diet does not cut as much carbohydrates as people need to lose. It still includes food with a high glycemic index that does not accelerate weight loss. The studies have shown that even lipoproteins come to a better balance in a low-carb diet, which is finally proclaimed the leader among the diets.

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Essay on the role models in early childhood and how they affect the child’s development

When it comes to interaction with little kids, adults always say to each other ‘do not do that for the kid will copy’. Indeed, little children have an impressive ability to learn from adults. In most cases, these are parents, however, children may also copy other adults they often interact with.

Even though parents perfectly understand why children copy their behavior, it is often difficult for adults to become a correct role model. Perfectionism is the first extreme parents refer to. Showing children how smooth and flawless everything should be, parents deprive their kids of the ability to co-exist with the reality.

What parents need is to behave adequately. Always ask yourself which role will help children better cope with the existing problem. It is highly moral to divide things and behaviors into good and bad, but sometimes parents have to teach children how to make decisions that lie somewhere in between.

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Essay on how to control the rate of divorce on the governmental level

Marriage is a personal matter, and couples hardly allow anyone but a therapist to intrude into their ties. Resolving arguments that arise in marriage is challenging, and 30% of couples eventually break up. A divorce, however, has certain economic consequences. They do not allow governments to ignore the rising number of people becoming single parents.

Economically, divorce creates a couple of people with reduced financial opportunities, bills to pay, and children to support. Single parents often struggle to make through without a partner and drag themselves and the economy down. For this reason, it makes a perfect sense for governments to work on reducing divorces.

For some states, it is common to fund community-based initiatives that teach couples how to strengthen their marriage. Governments can also support couples that struggle to bring up their children for it is more effective than subsidizing single parents.

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Essay on the current divorce statistics. How to reduce the number of divorces?

It is a common fact that about a half of all married couples get divorced in the US. Nevertheless, the recent statistics indicates that today family matters are not as they used to be. Only 32% of married couples divorced in 2016, which is far from the expected 50.

Perhaps, no one is getting married with a thought of a divorce. Nevertheless, it does not help people to keep their marriage. There exist millions of reasons to get a divorce, many of them solid. One does not stay with a violent or toxic partner that attempts to ruin a family. In some cases, a divorce can be prevented, which happens if both of the partners work on themselves.

Getting a right therapist is often the way people save their marriage. When two people cannot resolve their issues, it is time for the third party to interrupt. Nevertheless, it is always worth trying for a couple to make up without involving other people.

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Essay on the importance of pleasant atmosphere at home for children’s development

Making one’s home pleasant and comfortable is not only a matter of beauty. Home is our shelter, and all our daily activity starts here. Home atmosphere gives us energy and inspires us to implement everything we have planned. It is especially important for children who are very susceptible to family troubles.

For a child, their home and family matters a lot even though they do not show it. Arguments between parents, violence, or absence of any communication at all look disturbing to little children. They used to see the family as a happy place, and any negative changes ruin their perception of the world.

Feeling safe and happy at home, children are better prepared to face everyday difficulties. Communication with classmates, arguments with teachers, first romantic relationships – the child’s life is full of little troubles. And they need their parent’s understanding and support to overcome these hurdles.

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Write a paper

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Cancer essay sample

Cancer is one of the most horrible diseases. When diagnosed late, there is almost nothing a doctor can do in order to cure the patient. What is more, scientists cannot identify the primary cause of cancer which makes it even more difficult to find a cure.

Perhaps, the most important thing to remember is never to lose hope. Apart from that, there are lots of examples which prove that cancer can be beaten, especially when it is diagnosed at an early stage. For this reason, one should never stop fighting it.

There are lots of stories of people who prove that it is possible to be healthy again. Look it up on the internet and you will make sure in that yourself. Apart from that, a sick person can also attend various therapy sessions or groups. In such a way, she or he is going to meet with people who go through the exact thing. As a result, it will definitely make everything easier. Support is important no matter what. What is also significant is belief that it is possible to get healthy again. Such belief can do miracles. Familiarize yourself with more information on cancer, its forms and ways of treatment here …

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Risk management writing examples


As soon as one starts thinking about making an investment, one will definitely need to conduct some research on the issue on risk management. To be more precise, the whole idea is to find out how big the potential for loses is. Thus, one will need to identify and analyze the situation and then decide whether it is wise to invest in this particular venture or not. Well, decision-making has always been tough, especially when it involves big investments.

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Cybersecurity essay sample

Cyber security is a serious issue. Yet, not so many people pay proper attention to it. We live in the era of technology development which presupposes that almost everyone relies on computers and the internet. The ability to protect information stored on your computer or in any other system is what cyber security is all about.

Basically, any hacker, intruder or attacker seeks to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system. The most common example of a malicious activity is to create a virus. You may either be asked to click on some link or to open an email attachment. As soon as you do that, the virus will be activated. Another example is when you are asked to download some application with the help of which you will be able to speed up your computer. In fact, your computer will be doing something completely different. For instance, it may send important or confidential information to an intruder’s server.

Even though you are sure that there is nothing significant on your computer, you are still at risk as hackers may simply use it so that to attack other computers or servers. That is the reason why it is of great importance to keep your system updated. Learn more about cyber security…

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Personal statement format

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