Cybersecurity essay sample

Cyber security is a serious issue. Yet, not so many people pay proper attention to it. We live in the era of technology development which presupposes that almost everyone relies on computers and the internet. The ability to protect information stored on your computer or in any other system is what cyber security is all about.

Basically, any hacker, intruder or attacker seeks to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system. The most common example of a malicious activity is to create a virus. You may either be asked to click on some link or to open an email attachment. As soon as you do that, the virus will be activated. Another example is when you are asked to download some application with the help of which you will be able to speed up your computer. In fact, your computer will be doing something completely different. For instance, it may send important or confidential information to an intruder’s server.

Even though you are sure that there is nothing significant on your computer, you are still at risk as hackers may simply use it so that to attack other computers or servers. That is the reason why it is of great importance to keep your system updated. Learn more about cyber security…

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